5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Farewell to a Leader.


At the end of this year 2020, Com Nanda Kishore Das is retiring on superannuation. During his service period starting from 1987 he has actively involved in the organizational work. In 2004, he was entrusted the responsibility of an executive post of this Service Association (AIPAEA) of Odisha Circle and since then his journey has not been stopped till date. In addition, he is managing the work of a CHQ office bearer articulately since long. Whenever any call for strike/Dharana or agitational Programmes is given or any problem arises, the action of  Sri Das is always at the front. He does not hesitate to attend any type of organizational meeting at anytime and anywhere. We cannot find substitute like him having such a brave, dedicated, altruistic and generous person. Let us express our appreciation for what he has done and sacrifice for the Association. Under his leadership and guidance, this Service Association has become an institution with an enviable reputation at All India level.

On the last day of his service career, AIPAEA offer him a Red Salute for his vision, leadership, work ethic and especially his sense of humanitarian behavior and goodwill towards every member.

Hope, the hobbies and passion which he suppressed so far may take over his time and bloom now in the social media for the benefit of society.


Thursday, October 15, 2020



Charters of demands for which the agitational programmes have been conducted are as under:-


1.   Drop the move of Decentralization of PAO in any form, strengthen the role of PAO in CSI environment and roll out all the modules related with PAO.

2.     Repatriation of unwilling staff posted at PAO  Vijayawada, against their options back to PAO Hyderabad.

3.    Finalisation of Cadre restructure up to Sr. Accountant cadre.

4.     Modifications in the RR of AAO Cadre, by incorporating the suggestions given by Association. Conduct, time bound investigation by an independent agency on the irregularities of various natures in LDCE of AAO, held in July 2018.

5.  Implementation/expedition of under Rule-38 transfer    cases, by all the PAOs.



Monday, September 7, 2020

Supply of Copies of important orders and instructions to this Service Association.


Odisha Circle, Cuttack-753004

Office of the Director of Accounts(Postal), Daklekha Bhawan, Mahanadi Vihar, Cuttack-753004.


Ref. No.  AIPAEA/CK/23/2020    Date : 07 /09/2020



       The Director of Accounts (Postal)

       Cuttack: 753 004


Sub:      Supply of Copies of important orders and instructions to this Service Association.


Respected Sir,

As per the provision contained in Postal Directorate letter No.16-1/61-SR dt.20.06.1962 & reiterated in No.16-46/92-SR dated 10.03.1993, further circulated vide  DG(P) No. 10-12/2005 SR  dated 07.02.2007, and reiterated vide letter of even No dated 20.02.2008 & dated 09.02.2010, Copies of important orders and instructions & instructions relating to policy matters of Postal Directorate may kindly be supplied to this Service Association for the larger interest of members.


Therefore, kindly arrange to supply a copy of Postal Dte(PA Wing)  letter No.3-8-01-PACE/Exam (DE) dated 31.07.2020 to this service Association for the greater interest of its members.

With regards.

Yours faithfully,


(Kalinga Kumar Panda)

Circle Secretary

Wednesday, August 26, 2020



Holding of Bi-monthly meeting-regarding.



Odisha Circle, Cuttack-753004

Office of the Director of Accounts(Postal), Daklekha Bhawan, Mahanadi Vihar, Cuttack-753004.


Ref. No AIPAEA/CK/ 20/2020           Date : 25/08/2020



The  Director Of Accounts(Postal)



Sub: Holding of Bi-monthly meeting-regarding.


Ref : Admn.1/C-7(B)/Bimonthly Meeting/Vol.I/1045        dated 20/08/2020.


Respected Sir,

With reference to the above letter under reference, the agenda for the coming Bi-monthly meeting scheduled to be held on  26th  August  2020  are given as under.

                              Old Items :

 1.    Alteration of Room allotted to AIPAEA, Cuttack :

 A very small room is allotted to AIPAEA, Cuttack which is not sufficient to accommodate 15 chairs   

 for 15 Office Bearers. Kindly consider to provide a more specious room  for  Service Association.


2.  To consider the promotion of two officials from JA to SA and three officials from LDCs to JA  wef  01.01.2020.   

  Action taken reply furnished against this item is different to what has been raised. It was requested to consider promotion of the official from the due date as no disciplinary/vigilance case  was pending against them as on 01.01.2020. The DOPT  Memo No F. No. 22034/4/2012-Estt.(D) dated 2nd November 2012 may kindly be perused wherein it has been stated that “The promotion of the official should not be withheld on  mere ground that the disciplinary action is contemplated, except the circumstances when the officer is under suspension or a charge sheet  has been issued to the official or prosecution for a criminal charge is pending against the official”.                                                                                      

         As on 01.01.2020, neither charge sheet was issued nor any punishment was current against the official who were due to get promotion on that date. Mere inclusion of  their names in CLI report should not be a ground for withholding the promotion. Therefore, it is humbly  requested to consider the promotion cases  of the deserving  officials w.e.f  01.01.2020.

 3. To allow annual  verification of  Service Book :

The members may kindly be permitted to see their individual service book.

 New Items :

 1. To Connect the Computers With Power Lines :

Much inconvenience is faced to connect the computers with power lines. Electric wires are found laid all over the sections in a very dangerous position which may cause short circuit at any movement. Kindly arrange to fix cabinets  or portion boards and make conceal electrification and networking.

2.  To build side shelves on both/either sides of Partition line to install Computers and its peripherals  in all the PA Sections as done in PA-III Section.

Kindly arrange to fix shelves or cabinets or Partition Boards in all the PA sections including PA(Misc) for easy  electrification and networking which will be convenient for  the employees to computer and  work smoothly.

3.  To allow Qualification Pay to the qualified Junior Accountants.

The Qualified Junior Accountants may kindly be allowed Qualification Pay as per Finance Lr No. 7/30/2011-E.III(A) dated 13th Jan 2012 circulated  by PA Wing Letter No…8(1)/12/PA-Admn.I/703-725 dated 08th February 2012  and subsequently upgraded to Rs,270/- p.m.  due to 7th CPC vide Ministry of Finance Lr No. 11-1/2016/7th CPC/Part. II(B) dated 14th November 2019.

4.  To Refund the Penal interest amount recovered from Two MTS Officials.

Penal Interest has been recovered from two MTS officials on July 2020 while recovering Dress Allowance sanctioned and paid by this office on July 2019. This Penal interest amount may kindly be refunded.

5.  Supply of Pedestal Fans.

Some of the Staff are working without fan and feeling pain in present hot climate. Kindly arrange to supply adequate Pedestal Fans.

1.  Repairing Campus Light & roof of Qr. No-4/Type-IV in the Quarter of Campus of this office.

The roof of Qr. No-4/Type-IV of DAP office Campus may kindly be repaired to stop leakage. The campus light of the said Campus may also kindly be repaired.

7.  To deploy more SA/JAs in PA Sections.

There are total 16 SA/JAs are deployed to attend the PA work of 48 DDOs which is very less in comparison to work load. The details of work to be done in PA Section was sent for your kind information and consideration earlier vide this Association letter No. AIPAEA/CK/17/2020  dtd. 27/07/2020. All major works along with unit wise audit work are pending from years together which may create problem for the office in near future. Therefore, more SA/JAs may kindly be deployed in PA sections to attend the PA works as well as Audit works.

8.  Any other items with due  permission of the Chair :


   With regards.                                                               

Yours faithfully, 



Circle Secretary


Friday, August 7, 2020

Relaxation in qualifying marks in Type test of Departmental Examination for promotion of 12th class passed MTS officials to the cadre of LDC in PAO, Cuttack-reg.



Odisha Circle, Cuttack-753004

Office of the Director of Accounts(Postal), Daklekha Bhawan, Mahanadi Vihar, Cuttack-753004.


Ref. No AIPAEA/CK/ 19/2020         Date : 07/08/2020



        The Director of Accounts (Postal)

        Cuttack - 753 004


Sub: Relaxation in qualifying marks in Type test of Departmental Examination for promotion of 12th class passed MTS officials to the cadre of LDC in PAO, Cuttack-reg.


Respected Sir,

I would like to draw your kind attention to the above referred subject. In this connection I had submitted a representation to the Secretary(Post) during his camp at Circle Office, Bhubaneswar on 09.03.2020 requesting him to reduce the qualifying marks in Paper-III (Typing Test) of Departmental Exam for promotion of  12 Nos MTS to LDC in PAO, Cuttack at par with the provisions contained in Directorate letter No. F-No-17-18/2018-SPN-1 dated 11.12.2019. It is inspiring to know that this matter is in active consideration of PA Wing. The syllabus of various Departmental Examination are also required to be reviewed & necessary amendments are also required to be made including relaxation of standard in Paper-III (Type Test) at par with the provisions contained in aforesaid Directorate letter dated 11.12.2019.

 Although PA wing vide Letter No. 48-1/67-PACE/696 to 719 dated 24-06-1993,  permitted Gr-D/Sorters who passed in Paper I & II, but failed in Paper-III(Type Test) for promotion as LDC against existing vacancies subject to the condition to pass the Type Test within 02 years failing which to be reverted to their substantive cadre, a few practical problems experienced in this regard are mentioned below.

1.   Two officials named Smt Jayanti Majhi & Sri Anil Kumar Buda  were promoted to LDC Cadre  vide this office Letter No- Admn.1/2990 dated 09/05/2018 under the above provision but they were allowed to appear in type test exam on 23.02.2020, almost after 02 years after request of this Service Association.

2.   In the said Directorate order dated 24.6.1993, it is not specified who will conduct the type test for such employees and the frequency of conduct of type test.

3.   Such employees are required to pass the type test within 02 years and they are to be given a minimum of 04 chances to pass the test. Hence proper mechanism may be evolved to meet the requirement.                                                                             

4.   In the PA Wing Letter  dated 24.6.1993, there is provision for conditional promotion but there is no provision if they will be allowed to appear the next Departmental Examination in Paper-III only.

  Therefore, it is humbly  requested to consider the following grievances sympathetically.

(i)          The promotion to LDC of 12  Candidates failed in type test exam may kindly be considered under dte letter dated 24/06/1993, and arrangements may be made for conducting  type test for them by the office.

(ii)        Under Provisions mentioned in DGP&T Letter dated 04.05.1981, review of result of the SC/ST Candidates may be undertaken.

(iii)       PA Wing may kindly be requested to allow PAOs to conduct the type test on half yearly basis as the candidates are supposed to make 4 attempts within the stipulated two years period. The first such test may kindly be made  as early as possible maintaining social distance for the examinees.

(iv)      If the promoted LDC will not get chance to appear type test on half yearly basis, they may kindly be allowed to appear only for type test in next Departmental Examination.

(v)        The type test exam of  Smt Jayanti Majhi & Sri Anil Kumar Buda  may be conducted along with these 12 candidates.

  With regards.                                                                  

Yours faithfully,


 Circle Secretary


Copy to :  Sri  S. B. Yadav, General Secretary, AIPAEA, New Delhi.


The Sr DDG(PAF) may kindly be convinced to issue instruction to the Circle Offices for conducting  type test for such candidates as early as possible. The authority may kindly be impressed upon to re-consider the qualifying marks in Paper-III (Typing Test) for promotion of MTS to LDC Examination in PAO, Cuttack sympathetically at par with the provisions contained in Directorate letter No. F-No-17-18/2018-SPN-1 dated 11.12.2019.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Soliciting inputs/observations/comments for amendment of RRs 2018 of IP&TAFS Gr “B” –reg.


Odisha Circle, Cuttack-753004

Office of the Director of Accounts(Postal), Daklekha Bhawan, Mahanadi Vihar, Cuttack-753004.

 Ref. No AIPAEA/CK/ 18/2020         Date : 30/07/2020


        The Director of Accounts (Postal)

        Cuttack: 753 004


Sub: Soliciting inputs/observations/comments for amendment of RRs 2018 of  IP&TAFS Gr “B” –reg.


Ref : Postal Dte (PA-Wing), F. No. 301(1)/2012/PA-Admn III/5052  to  5140 dtd 27/07/2020

Respected Sir,

Kindly refer to the letter under reference, wherein it is requested to provide your valuable inputs and suggestions for changes in RRs 2018, ground for change, prospects of the cadre after change etc. In this connection I would like to draw your kind attention about the following points which may kindly considered while submitting your views to the Postal Directorate.



It is to bring to your notice that, initially the steering Committee constituted by Member (F) for amalgamation of IP&TAFS Gr-B cadres had recommended to earmark 30% in the total cadre strength of AAO for the Senior Accountants under  SCF quota and the remaining 70%, promotion through DR. SEA Section of DOT has changed that recommendation and a draft notification was released with 20% for SCF, 40% for DE and 40% for DR. However, DOP&T did not favour this proposal. After several rounds of discussions spanning over three years DOP&T approved the RRs with 40% SCF, 40% DE  and 20% DR  and this modified draft had also been approved by the UPSC and was sent to DOLA before final notification.


Again a fresh draft dated 23-03-2017 was floated retaining the percentage of promotion quota i.e. 20% DR, 40%DE and 40%SCF. The only difference in the fresh RR is the enlargement in category of officials for  recruitment by promotion through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination. The same was accepted by the DOP&T and was sent to UPSC.


Mysteriously,  at  a later stage, the RRs that was earlier approved by DOP&T and accepted  by UPSC was  completely altered. The UPSC has  backtracked  on its earlier stand and made a complete U-turn by recommending 100%  through LDCE, failing which Deputation and  Direct Recruitment SCF Quota for Senior Accountants in the present RRs was denied. There came the discontentment among the  existing Accounts Fraternity as they could not understand the reason of  denying  the SCF quota all of a sudden.


However,   para 3.2.1 of  DoP&T letter No.35034/7/97-Estt.(D) dated 08 February 2002 clearly stated that eligibility for promotion will no doubt be subject to fulfillment of all the conditions laid down in relevant Recruitment/Service Rules,  including the condition that one should be the holder of the relevant feeder posts on regular basis and that he should have rendered the prescribed eligibility service in the feeder post.


Further,  para(4) of DoP&T letter No.35035/7/97-Estt.(D) dated 16 February 2005 has directed all the Ministries/Department to ensure that they review all Recuritment/Service Rules and carry out amendment in conformity with the decision contained in DoP&T O.M. dated 08.02.2002 in a time bound exercise.


In the existing RR for Group ‘B’ IP&TAFS 2018, the above DoP&T guidelines have been blatantly violated and employees who are not belongs to feeder cadre were allowed to compete for the AAO Examination.



I would like to humbly state that more than 90% of the Senior Accountants officiated as AAOs for years together and shouldered the responsibilities when the Department was in dire need and at critical juncture. During their long tenure of officiating promotion, they utilized their domain knowledge and ever allowed any complaints. They proved beyond doubt that the sphere knowledge of the Senior Accountants is second to none of the so called  fresher’s  qualified as AAO.


In other organized Accounts establishments like AG, Railway & Defence Accounts, only Accounts origin staff have been given opportunity to appear in PA&F Gr-B. But Similar provisions have not been extended to PAOs & CCAs.


Senior Accountants working in the Postal Accounts have been stagnating for decades together and retiring as Senior Accountants only. Some of them joined as Junior Accountants and retired as Sr Accountants. The SCF quota is a  recognition of domain knowledge and expertise and is a part of a well-recognized wholesome recruitment policy. It is difficult to digest  that how PA Wing claims that the present RR belongs to IP & TAFS Group B  where original Accounts fraternity has almost zero representation  due to ignoring the existing Seniority cum fitness quota and opening the gates to the outsiders who are less concerned  with Accounting System in PAOs and allow them to write the examination to Accounts and Finance Service  which  is going to sound the death knell for the career prospects of the employees working in Postal Accounts.

It is also submitted that Senior Accountants/Junior Accountants of the PAOs are not allowed to appear in any of the Departmental Examinations like IPOs/ PSS Gr ‘B’ examinations being conducted by Postal Operative/ Executive side, presumably on the ground that it is not the natural line of promotion for Senior Accountant/Junior Accountant. Similarly AAO cadre is the natural line of promotion to the Senior Accountant/Junior Accountant, not for the people working in Operative/ Executive Wing.  It is therefore quite logical that the eligibility to appear in the AAO examination should be restricted to the employees of Accounts stream. 




It is to be mentioned that the SCF quota is not first of its kind in Postal Accounts alone, such provisions are also available in other Departments including DOP. To boost the morale and confidence of the Staff of PAOs, the 40% SCF quota promotion has to be provided. This measure only will ensure the proper promotional channel to the Senior Accountants.

The Senior Accountant/Junior Accountant cadres are the core accounting cadres in the Postal Accounts and are sufficiently acquainted and equipped with accounting and audit skills through their working experience. Hence, it Is suggested that no residency period be prescribed for Senior Accountants and 3-year residency period be prescribed for the Junior Accountant & 5 years for LDCs  to appear for the AAO examination apart from 40% direct SCF promotion.

This Association urge upon to effect this 40% SCF promotion Quota on the total strength of sanctioned post in AAO cadre as on 01/04/2018 and  40% post of Accounts Officer may also be filled exclusively with Accounts origin AAOs (PAO & CCA) cadre. As no probation period is required for Accounts origin AAOs(SAs),  40%  promotion to Accounts Officer from AAO may also be effected wef 01/04/2018.  

In view of the above submissions, kindly consider to include the following in proposal of RR.


1.  By  SCF  Quota :  40%


(i)             Sr. Accountants who have completed the period   

of probation.

(ii)           The promotion to AAO cadre under 40% SCF

quota may be effected wef    01/04/2018.

(iii)     40% posts of Accounts Officer  may be promoted exclusively from the PAO/CCA  Cadre AAOs  wef 01/04/2018.

2.   By Departmental Examination :  60%


(i)       Sr Accountants in PAOs/CCAs

(ii)     Jr. Accountants in PAOs/CCAs with 3years Service in this grade.

(iii)   LDCs in PAOs/CCAs with 5 years of service in this grade.

(iv)   Qualified Postal/RMS Accountants with 05 years regular Service as Accountants.


 With regards.


Yours faithfully,


Circle Secretary