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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Holding of Bi-monthly meeting-regarding.



Odisha Circle, Cuttack-753004

Office of the Director of Accounts(Postal), Daklekha Bhawan, Mahanadi Vihar, Cuttack-753004.


Ref. No AIPAEA/CK/ 20/2020           Date : 25/08/2020



The  Director Of Accounts(Postal)



Sub: Holding of Bi-monthly meeting-regarding.


Ref : Admn.1/C-7(B)/Bimonthly Meeting/Vol.I/1045        dated 20/08/2020.


Respected Sir,

With reference to the above letter under reference, the agenda for the coming Bi-monthly meeting scheduled to be held on  26th  August  2020  are given as under.

                              Old Items :

 1.    Alteration of Room allotted to AIPAEA, Cuttack :

 A very small room is allotted to AIPAEA, Cuttack which is not sufficient to accommodate 15 chairs   

 for 15 Office Bearers. Kindly consider to provide a more specious room  for  Service Association.


2.  To consider the promotion of two officials from JA to SA and three officials from LDCs to JA  wef  01.01.2020.   

  Action taken reply furnished against this item is different to what has been raised. It was requested to consider promotion of the official from the due date as no disciplinary/vigilance case  was pending against them as on 01.01.2020. The DOPT  Memo No F. No. 22034/4/2012-Estt.(D) dated 2nd November 2012 may kindly be perused wherein it has been stated that “The promotion of the official should not be withheld on  mere ground that the disciplinary action is contemplated, except the circumstances when the officer is under suspension or a charge sheet  has been issued to the official or prosecution for a criminal charge is pending against the official”.                                                                                      

         As on 01.01.2020, neither charge sheet was issued nor any punishment was current against the official who were due to get promotion on that date. Mere inclusion of  their names in CLI report should not be a ground for withholding the promotion. Therefore, it is humbly  requested to consider the promotion cases  of the deserving  officials w.e.f  01.01.2020.

 3. To allow annual  verification of  Service Book :

The members may kindly be permitted to see their individual service book.

 New Items :

 1. To Connect the Computers With Power Lines :

Much inconvenience is faced to connect the computers with power lines. Electric wires are found laid all over the sections in a very dangerous position which may cause short circuit at any movement. Kindly arrange to fix cabinets  or portion boards and make conceal electrification and networking.

2.  To build side shelves on both/either sides of Partition line to install Computers and its peripherals  in all the PA Sections as done in PA-III Section.

Kindly arrange to fix shelves or cabinets or Partition Boards in all the PA sections including PA(Misc) for easy  electrification and networking which will be convenient for  the employees to computer and  work smoothly.

3.  To allow Qualification Pay to the qualified Junior Accountants.

The Qualified Junior Accountants may kindly be allowed Qualification Pay as per Finance Lr No. 7/30/2011-E.III(A) dated 13th Jan 2012 circulated  by PA Wing Letter No…8(1)/12/PA-Admn.I/703-725 dated 08th February 2012  and subsequently upgraded to Rs,270/- p.m.  due to 7th CPC vide Ministry of Finance Lr No. 11-1/2016/7th CPC/Part. II(B) dated 14th November 2019.

4.  To Refund the Penal interest amount recovered from Two MTS Officials.

Penal Interest has been recovered from two MTS officials on July 2020 while recovering Dress Allowance sanctioned and paid by this office on July 2019. This Penal interest amount may kindly be refunded.

5.  Supply of Pedestal Fans.

Some of the Staff are working without fan and feeling pain in present hot climate. Kindly arrange to supply adequate Pedestal Fans.

1.  Repairing Campus Light & roof of Qr. No-4/Type-IV in the Quarter of Campus of this office.

The roof of Qr. No-4/Type-IV of DAP office Campus may kindly be repaired to stop leakage. The campus light of the said Campus may also kindly be repaired.

7.  To deploy more SA/JAs in PA Sections.

There are total 16 SA/JAs are deployed to attend the PA work of 48 DDOs which is very less in comparison to work load. The details of work to be done in PA Section was sent for your kind information and consideration earlier vide this Association letter No. AIPAEA/CK/17/2020  dtd. 27/07/2020. All major works along with unit wise audit work are pending from years together which may create problem for the office in near future. Therefore, more SA/JAs may kindly be deployed in PA sections to attend the PA works as well as Audit works.

8.  Any other items with due  permission of the Chair :


   With regards.                                                               

Yours faithfully, 



Circle Secretary


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