5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Activities of the Executive Body of AIPAEA, Odisha Circle, Cuttack (For the Period 2015-2017)

On 7th Aug’  2015 this elected Executive Body of AIPAEA, Odisha Circle, Cuttack took over charge and from the day one we started our organizational programmes and activities with  full vigor and vitalities from where our predecessors left and  have overcome hurdles which came on the way because of your solidarity & strong support, spontaneous sympathy  and genuine guidance at the time of need that enriched our experience, inspired to face the adversaries and now we are before you to share with  a few achievements.


1. As a result of persistence conscious effort of Cuttack AIPAEA  and prolonged positive dialogue with  the Authorities at PA wing through our CHQ, 28 Sorter posts were saved from abolition  & later on  converted to  the promotion quota  from MTS  to  LDCs. As a result, out of 17 new recruited highly qualified and talented MTS, 16  have  been promoted to LDCs and 3 of them are Junior Accountants now. This Service Association took every possible steps to help those MTS who have not qualified in Type Test  and because of CHQ’s intervention all are now LDCs.
2. Cuttack Unit of AIPAEA,  has been able to earn honour and have special position among all India Units and as a recognisation, for the first time  we have been awarded with Deputy General Secretary Post in CHQ for which again credit goes to you all.
3. Due to our continuous demand before NFPE through AIPAEA(CHQ),  Federal Council, NFPE has recognized our contribution and offered  RJCM membership to Circle Secretary, AIPAEA, Cuttack  which  carries a lot of importance in Odisha Postal Circle.
4. As a member of local RJCM  & as Circle Secretary I have the honour to attend 4 monthly meeting with CPMG along with other constituents of NFPE. This has enhanced our image and we are able to put forth our grievances before the CPMG directly and this has become possible because of your consistent support only.
5. Again being member of local RJCM we attended the meeting with CPMG, convinced him about acute shortage of manpower and with our continuous demand and discussion with DA(P) Cuttack & CPMG Odisha, 11 MTS have been transferred  from the Circle Office to our office under Rule-38 . Their number may be less but at this juncture of time when we are facing acute shortage of staff  they will  be asset to us and for the time being we can feel relaxed.
6. Because of our constant negotiation with DA(P) & CPMG, Odisha and  persistence effort we have become able to report to the Directorate our actual vacancies in different cadre and we do hope in future once SSC Graduate Level Exam final result comes out in near future we will get additional 26 staffs and our man power position will improve a lot.

Our strong Presence Participation at the different Organisational Activites, both in Odisha and at the all India level.

1.         05.08.2015 :  Attended CWC meeting held at Kapurtala,  conducted by CHQ.
2.         27.11.2015 :  Observance of   Black day  Conducted by Executive Body  to  
              protest against the retrograde recommendations of 7th   CPC.
3.       15.12.2015 :  Protested by making resolutions passed by the General Body during lunch hour against  the retrograde recommendations of 7th CPC.
4.          03.01.2016 :  Conducted Assembling at the river bank of “Mahanadi” for a
Picnic. Where  Com TSN, Gen Secy(AIPAEA) graced the occasion as chief guest.
5.         20.01.2016 :  “MASS DHARNA” near Raj Bhawan, Bhubaneswar against   
             retrograde &  disappointing  7th CPC, call given by NJCA.
6.     11.02.2016 :  Day long “DHARNA”  in our Office campus regarding cadre restructuring, Parity  etc. as per decision taken by National Convention of All India Accounts & Audit Employees  Association.
7.         08.03.2016 : Peaceful lunch hour demonstration & passing resolution against  Rule-16 Punishment to the Circle Secretary AIPAEA, Cuttack.
8.      25.04.2016 :  Observed  Demand day Conducted by Executive Body, call given by  AIPAEA( CHQ), New Delhi
9.         11.05.216 to 12.05.2016 : Attended CWC at Sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh.
10.      12.06.2016 : Attended Odisha state level Seminar on 7th Pay Commission Report and preparatory camp for indefinite strike to be commenced from 11.07.2016 at Bhubaneswar. Com M. Krishnan, SG, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers’ delivered speech to the representatives came from different Departments of  Central Govt Offices.
11.    15.06.2016 :  Attended one day “MASS DHARNA” in front of CPMG Office, Bhubaneswar in protest against non settlement of long pending problems of various wings of  Odisha Circle. 
12.  20.09.2016 to 22.09.2016 :  Attended  the “ AIPAEA All  INDIA BIENNIALCONFERENCE”   held at Chennai,  hosted by AIPAEA, Tamilnadu Circle.
13   20.10.2016 :  Attended day long  “DHARNA” in front of CPMG Office, Bhubaneswar,  call given by AIPAEA & NFPE.
14   07.11.2016 :  Attended  the “MASS DHARNA” near Raj Bhawan,       Bhubaneswa,r against retrograde &  disappointing recommendations  7th CPC, call given by Confederation.
15.      27.11.2016 :  Attended State Level campaign meeting in front of GPO Campus   Bhubaneswar for March to Parliament on 15th December 2016. where Com M.   Krishnan, SG, Confederation & SG, NFPE   delivered their valuable speech.
16.      08.01.2017 :  Attended 9th  Bi-ennial Circle conference of P-3  Odisha Circle held  at Balasore. Com  M.  Krishnan, SG, Confederation & Com R. N. Parashar, SG, NFPE  attended the Meeting.
17.      22.01.2017 :  New Year Get- together held at the river bank of “Mahanadi”  for a Lunch Party.
18.      05.03.2017 : Attended campaign programme held at Bhubaneswar for coming strike  on 16th  March 2017 . Com M.  Krishnan, SG, Confederation  guided the
representatives came from different central govt. offices.
19.      16.03.2017 :  Observance of   One day Strike against non-implementation of  allowances  in higher rate due to 7th  CPC.
20.      22.03.2017 to 23.07.2017 : Attended CWC at Nagpur.
21.  19.04.2017 :  Attended one day “DHARNA” in front of CPMG Office, Bhubaneswar by all Circle Secretaries of NFPE Odisha circle for 14 common demands & 22 local problems. Our main demand : To send the Actual vacancy position to Dte for the year 2016 and 2017 in response to  Dte letter dated 27.12.2016 & immediate fill up the MTS Vacancies.
22.      27.04.2017 :  Attended one day “DHARNA” in front of CPMG Office, to give justice  GDS &   for immediate implementation of favorable recommendations
of GDS Committee report.
23.      10.06.2017 :  Attended  CWC of P-4  Odisha circle held   at Bhubaneswar.
24.      09.07.2017 :  Attended  CWC of P-3  Odisha Circle held   at Phulbani.
25.   12.07.2017 :  Attended one day “MASS DHARNA” in front of Chief PMG Office,   Bhubaneswar in support of 10 Charter of Demands, the call given by NFPE to fill up all the existing vacant posts, stop privatization’ out sourcing, cadre restructuring & withdraw of NPS etc are the major demands.

In all scheduled organizational & trade union  programmes, the nominated representative(s) of executive body of this service Association have attended  the  pre-campaigning and post scenario effects. We have also attended all meetings with organizational spirit organized by NFPE & Confederation regarding 7th CPC & other issues. In addition to the above calls, all the periodical meetings and informal meetings with DA(P), Cuttack and CPMG, Odisha have been attended with sincerity. Our tenure was full of challenges and with your support we have come across  all the way to tell you that  Unity is Strength.

 Circle Secretary
AIPAEA, Cuttack

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The Biennial Circle Conference & Election (for the year 2017-19)  of All India Postal Accounts  Employees’ Association, (AIPAEA) Odisha Circle, Cuttack was held  on 12th & 13th Sep’ 2017 respectively in a very cordial and congenial atmosphere where CHQ President Com Santosh Kumar and General Secretary Com S. B. Yadav graced  occasion. To make the Election free, fair and impartial, Office Administration has provided all the possible facilities to the utmost satisfaction of all. The independent Observer from the official side, the ASP(OD), RMS “N” Division, Cuttack had remained till end to watch the entire election process. The CHQ President Com Santosh Kumar was also observing the Election from the beginning  till its completion.  The Returning Officer Sri K. P.  Burma, AAO with the help of three others colleagues conducted the Election very smoothly and efficiently for which AIPAEA Odisha Circle offer sincere thanks to all including the general members(voters) where 90% polling (135 out of 150) voting shows the victory of democratic process.
         In the process, the importance of personal victory or defeat has less significance than the purpose for which Election is being conducted.  So our prime purpose & concern is to maintain a  very peaceful, cordial and constructive relationship between the Administration and the Association so that grievance of each and every member will be redressed and addressed in time. As our is a Service Association, its prime motto should be to seek everyone’s co-operation to solve anyone’s concern within the ambit of the law. Kindly extend your helping hand to all the elected members and with your support and suggestions every possible effort will be made to reach at a coconscious for a better tomorrow. Never forget that Unity, sincerity and devotion to official duty is our strength.  The way common members responded is simply marvellous and set a mile stone for peace, prosperity & tranquillity.

         For all such patience and cooperation we can offer you only Sincere Thanks from the core of our hearts and expect lots of love, affection and solidarity to achieve the goal.  William Shakespeare has rightly said



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