5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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None of us, is as strong as ALL of us.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


To Say something about our beloved leader SK Vyas while paying tribute to him on the eve of  his first year death anniversary is mandatory but an uphill task, especially for grass-root workers like us. Comrade SK Vyas was mighty leader of the Central Government Employees & Workers movement with towering personality who had indomitable courage and invincible  power of aptitude and logic to de-weapon  his opponents across the table. His presence, only presence, at the negotiation table had magic spell over his counterparts and he was able to clinch any settlement from any authority.  For last fifty years or more he was virtually unchallenged leader of  All India Central Government Employees’ Union & Workers Federation and witnessed  every rise and fall of Employees’ Movement and achievements of last six CPCs (except 1st  CPC.) even the joint Memorandum submitted to the 7th CPC by the All India Central Government Employees’ Union & Workers Federation was brain child of Com SK Vyas.  Several stalwart  leaders of today,  having National acclamation, are followers of ‘SK Vyas School of Thoughts’. The history of All India Central Government Employees’ Union & Workers Federation movement of Independence India will be incomplete without Com SK Vyas. To us  he was the “POLAR STAR” of Employees Movement and even today we look towards his methodology & philosophy as the guiding spirit at the time of crisis.
      All India Postal Accounts Employees’ Association was very closer to Com SK Vyas as he was residing at AIPAEA Headquarters, New Delhi for last ten years or so. And now after one year of his heavenly abode journey he is in our heart of the hearts till we breathe last.


Thursday, February 11, 2016


The day long Dharna of All India Postal  Accounts Employees’ Association, Odisha Circle,  Cuttack  held on 11th February 2016  as per the decision taken by National convention of All India Accounts & Audit  Employees & Officers organizations.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Providing A.C./Air Cooler to all the Staff in our Office.

       The Director of Accounts (Postal)
       Cuttack: 753 004

Sub:  Providing  A.C./Air Cooler to all the Staff  in our Office.

          As you know the entire Odisha is coming under torrid zone and during every summer even much before its onset the temperature is hovering around 42 degree C  and its hot wave is making life unbearable during day time. In the recent past, Cuttack was in news for its death toll due to sunstrokes where hundreds of people lost their life. Now, due to drastic change in environment and ecological imbalance the situation is getting from bad to worse. In the meanwhile to combat with such drastic changes our office has provided Air Conditioner (AC) to all the Sr. Accounts Officers and also to some Sections such as CC(Computer), Account Current and Book for which I am really grateful to you. Expecting the same gesture from you Sir, now, kindly consider about providing A.C./Air Cooler to the remaining Staff before the onset of summer. Sir, most of the employees of this Office are above 50, leading to hypertension for which it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to work in such a hot & humid climate. I do hope that you will give over priority to this request of ours.

          Sir, may I request you to consider about providing/replacing window curtain to all the floors where this has not been provided with.  Our Office was shifted from Barabati Stadium to  this building during 2002 and the window curtain provided during that time has not been replaced in many of the Sections/floors. Kindly arrange to change those worn out window curtain besides refixing the broken pelmets.

          Finally, I would like to submit that before current summer season arrives cold water may be provided to all the floors and the existing water coolers may be checked and repaired/replaced according to the need and a regular periodical cleaning may be adhered to so that cleanliness will be maintained. Besides dedusting/oiling and repairing of the ceiling and pedestal fans may be undertaken on a priority basis as these are now started to come under use.

          With regards.                                                         
                                                                                          Yours faithfully,
Cuttack-4,                                                                          (K. K. Panda)

8th Feb’ 2016                                                                   Circle Secretary