5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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None of us, is as strong as ALL of us.

Friday, October 21, 2016


Com Pravakar Bardhan superannuated as a Senior Accountant from  30th September’2016 after a remarkable long innings  which he has started from 1979 and for last 37 years he never compromised with principle and justice. Com Pravakar Bardhan as a Sportsman,  has always exhibited  a sportsman spirit. Sri Bardhan, a born fighter and an ardent supporter of AIPAEA never hesitate to disagree with his dear friends of childhood for genuine common cause and collective good.  For him principle without morality is nothing but hypocrisy and till last day of his service, he never forgot to be with the right side of the law. His retirement, officially, has snatched away our bond with him, but practically he is always with AIEAPA and also will be with us. AIPAEA,  Odisha Circle, Cuttack wish him a happy, prosperous and peaceful retired life in future.


Saturday, October 1, 2016


This is not all about our beloved General Secretary Com T. Satyanarayana, but a fraction of his whole extraordinary personality that have observed from very closer proximity for a decade or so. A lone nondescript introvert  guy of the  yester years who had dreamt for collective good & has been  trying his level best to change horizon of his own Organization AIPAEA  leading for the last six years. The fate of his own fellow Comrades under the umbrella of AIPAEA, he has achieved a lot both in a  distinct & tangible way. He has implanted many pillars of success on his way of journey to be remembered for years to come. Four Advance Increments, Stepping up of the pay at par with juniors, enhancement of Bonus ceiling, re-energize the PAOs with techno- savvy young   talents, empowering the AIPAEA to take the Bull with its horns, carving respectable space within NFPE with a dignified manner and joining hand-in-hand with JAC, NJCA, Confederation has erected his own position ultimately AIPAEA as a whole. For Common Cadres, he has set many bright examples of his achievements and the left out challenges are already on track to be fought with same spirit.

This is called Com T. Satyanarayana, lovingly regarded as Com ‘TSN’ among AIPAEA Comrades and in true sense, he has introduced neologized  talent, serenity & nimbleness with equal proportion. Com TSN stands for Taciturn, Sagacious & Nuncio.  Being a Towering Personality & a Torch Bearer, he has been leading from the front. Without being carried away with emotions, Com TSN has followed the lofty path of success by strictly following the canons of positive attitude towards the life & its priorities. He has been departed from the Department, demitted the duties of General Secretary, at least, in pen & paper but not AIPAEA, at any cost. Com  TSN has aptly admitted, “AIPAEA is entrapped inside him.  It is our extended family.”  Being the members of that extended family, Cuttack Unit conveys Red Salutes and wishes all the best for our beloved guide com TSN.
                                         AIPAEA, Cuttack