5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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None of us, is as strong as ALL of us.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


The very first Dawn of the year 2017 may bring all the happiness, prosperity and peace not only for you but also for your family, friends, nears & dears and also for your foes. The 1st January’ 2017 is the D-day for all of us that will unfold the mystery of  your entire life and  reshape the graph of your vertical success to fill the horizon of  your good luck to be remembered for the rest of the life. We have lost a lot, no doubt, but that is the foundation of better tomorrow.  With your active support and encourage, we have changed our every adversity into an opportunity and gone are the days of discontentment, disappointment and dilatory that have put enough scare to be cared as beauty spot for coming crowing moments.

Association stands for unity and it has been proved beyond doubt, we still stands together with  redouble  bond & strength  to defeat and defy any audacity. We are going through a transitory phase transformation, have come across the injustice done to us by Seventh CPC , anti employee stand taken by a democratically elected Government and an unethical approach adopted by the Administration, notwithstanding, we will reach our goal by kissing the path of struggle, struggle and struggle. To live with honour, if we are forced to follow the canon of confrontation, come what may, will go ahead on true path with non-violation without the cannon. For this with all humbleness AIPAEA, Cuttack seek your unfailing love and support from the bottom of your inner heart and the rest will follow with all-round achievement to be treasured  as a mark of success, and more than that as an indelible mark of respect.

Once again wishing you all the best for 2017.

with  profound regards.

Friday, December 2, 2016


                                                 Com Kalyan  Kumar  Ray chowdhury
                                  Com Debendra Kumar Mohanty

Com Kalyan  Kumar  Ray chowdhury, AAO and Com Debendra Kumar Mohanty , Senior Accountant retired  on superannuation from 30th November’2016 and both were two important feathers of AIPAEA, Cuttack who  share many coincides to their credit.  Com Kalyan Da & Com Mohanty, as both are popularly known, were Office Bearers  of AIPAEA  for quite some time, both were born on 10th November’ 1956 and retired on 30.11.2016. Com Kalyan Das was born sportsman and has earned reputation, name and fame as a Cricket Player and thereafter as State Panel Empire & has conducted many matches having national importance and till date he is very much active in this field. Com D. K. Mohanty needs no introduction. If you have any important message to give or spread among AIPAEA fraternity, nothing to be worried about it. Communicate it to Com Mohanty, within no time,  it will be spread among all the members. Com Kalyanda entered into service from 12th Dec ember’ 1979 and Com Mohanty from 8th April’1980. Their dedication towards AIPAEA  will be remembered by all.  On their superannuation, AIPAEA, Cuttack wishes a very peaceful and blissful retired life and do expect their active co-operation at the time of need.
                                                            AIPAEA,  Cuttack

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Courtesy meet with new CPMG(O) by NFPE, Odisha Circle.

NFPE, Odisha Circle  gives a hearty welcome to Dr. Santosh Kumar Kamila, our new Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle. We do hope a all-round development during his tenure. Odisha Postal Circle will be ahead under his dynamic administration.

                              AIPAEA, Odisha Circle, Cuttack

Monday, November 7, 2016


Photos of  Dharana on 07.11.2016  near f Raj Bhavan, Bhubaneswar as per call given by "Confederation"

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Com Hrudananda Das started his career as an humble Watchman and now retiring on superannuation from 31st Octber’2016 as a respectable Senior Accountant.  From the very beginning of his service career Com Das is known for his straight forwardness and for him his duty was everything. For one decade or more working in the most important Section of the DAP, i.e. Pension Section shows his integrity, talent and devotion towards duty that has virtually made him “Chitragupta”  and  everything of anything that relates to Pension must be known to him. Com Hrudanada proves himself as “HRUDAYA  ANANDA” .He is the most sought after person in the Office for Pensioners who come from different parts of the State once they meet Com Das means their problem is over. It is very difficult to part away with an honest and sincere Comrade like Hrudanada Das, law of the service is like that nobody can alter. On this day of superannuation, AIPAEA, Cuttack wish a very healthy and blissful retired life for him.

Friday, October 21, 2016


Com Pravakar Bardhan superannuated as a Senior Accountant from  30th September’2016 after a remarkable long innings  which he has started from 1979 and for last 37 years he never compromised with principle and justice. Com Pravakar Bardhan as a Sportsman,  has always exhibited  a sportsman spirit. Sri Bardhan, a born fighter and an ardent supporter of AIPAEA never hesitate to disagree with his dear friends of childhood for genuine common cause and collective good.  For him principle without morality is nothing but hypocrisy and till last day of his service, he never forgot to be with the right side of the law. His retirement, officially, has snatched away our bond with him, but practically he is always with AIEAPA and also will be with us. AIPAEA,  Odisha Circle, Cuttack wish him a happy, prosperous and peaceful retired life in future.


Saturday, October 1, 2016


This is not all about our beloved General Secretary Com T. Satyanarayana, but a fraction of his whole extraordinary personality that have observed from very closer proximity for a decade or so. A lone nondescript introvert  guy of the  yester years who had dreamt for collective good & has been  trying his level best to change horizon of his own Organization AIPAEA  leading for the last six years. The fate of his own fellow Comrades under the umbrella of AIPAEA, he has achieved a lot both in a  distinct & tangible way. He has implanted many pillars of success on his way of journey to be remembered for years to come. Four Advance Increments, Stepping up of the pay at par with juniors, enhancement of Bonus ceiling, re-energize the PAOs with techno- savvy young   talents, empowering the AIPAEA to take the Bull with its horns, carving respectable space within NFPE with a dignified manner and joining hand-in-hand with JAC, NJCA, Confederation has erected his own position ultimately AIPAEA as a whole. For Common Cadres, he has set many bright examples of his achievements and the left out challenges are already on track to be fought with same spirit.

This is called Com T. Satyanarayana, lovingly regarded as Com ‘TSN’ among AIPAEA Comrades and in true sense, he has introduced neologized  talent, serenity & nimbleness with equal proportion. Com TSN stands for Taciturn, Sagacious & Nuncio.  Being a Towering Personality & a Torch Bearer, he has been leading from the front. Without being carried away with emotions, Com TSN has followed the lofty path of success by strictly following the canons of positive attitude towards the life & its priorities. He has been departed from the Department, demitted the duties of General Secretary, at least, in pen & paper but not AIPAEA, at any cost. Com  TSN has aptly admitted, “AIPAEA is entrapped inside him.  It is our extended family.”  Being the members of that extended family, Cuttack Unit conveys Red Salutes and wishes all the best for our beloved guide com TSN.
                                         AIPAEA, Cuttack

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The 22nd Biennial All India Conference of All India Postal Accounts Employees’ Association  was held at Chennai on 20th to 22nd  Sep’ 2016 and the Host Unit All India Postal Accounts Employees’ Association, Tamil Nadu Circle, Chennai has under taken the responsibility to make Occasion Memorable  & Historic for the Delegates, Observers and the All India Leaders of the Employees Movement who had come from different parts of the Country. Every participant praised the magnificent arrangements,  heart touching hospitality and hygienic  South Indian Dishes  that took utmost care of all the participants. Thanks Com RB Suresh, Com Santosh Kumar and  all other Comrades who put their hundred per cent for the sake of AIPAEA fraternity.

          Six Member Team  attended the occasion where Com Bibhudutta Senapati, Com C. K.  Samal, Com K. K.  Panda, Com N. K.  Das, Com Bhaskar Naik and Com Bipin Bihari Das from AIPAEA, Odisha Circle, Cuttack attended the All India Conference. In the said All India Conference Com N. K. Das unanimously elected as the Deputy  General Secretary (CHQ) of AIPAEA. Some memorable moments caught in Camera are given below.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Com Niranjan Sethy started his career of Junior Accountant in the year 1980 and retired from service on superannuation from 31.08.2016 as  Asst. Accounts officer. Com Sethy is a man of nature, always wished to be among countryman. A man with unique character of “simple living & high thinking” who cherished a dream of ‘village life’ . This simple art of living has made his complacent in each & every sphere of life. On superannuation of such a ‘Karma Ygi’. AIPAEA, Odisha Circle, Cuttack wishes a very happy, prosperous, peaceful and blissful retired life.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016


The 31st July’ 2016, it is simply unbelievable to believe that Com Bibhudutta Senapaty is retiring on superannuation. Still young, ebullient, energetic and ever happy Com Senapaty is popularly known as “ Bibhu Bhai” for all, never ever anyone has seen him angry, always calm, quiet and his beaming face radiates aura of simplicity, honesty and  pure human touch that have made his uncommon, unique and friend for all in need.  For last 25 years or more out of 37 years of service started since 1979, he was a friend, philosopher and guide to each and every member of AIPAEA, Cuttack. Young or old, retirees or in-service, all are looking at him as  source of eternal inspiration . Being in Association at the helm of the affairs, or outside, he was the voice of voiceless members and never hesitate to shoulder the  responsibility & he accepted it coolly  as a part of his duty and reached the goal while others thinking it as an uphill task always shrinking to share but for Senapaty it was just another work to be accomplished with 100 per cent perfection. This is the sage of being Senapaty and cult of his character. By virtue of his character, Bibhu Bhai has become an “Institution”

            On his last day of the Service career, AIPAEA offer him a Red Salute with hats off and that will be a Tribute to such a Towering Personality and in coming days we will look at him for guidance to march ahead.                                                                                                                                                                       
                                                              AIPAEA, ODISHA CIRCLE, CUTTACK