5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Closing Ceremony Speech of Dr Sukhbir, Director

"It gave me a sense of immense satisfaction when faculty from this premier instituation told me that traineees were keenly interested in learning new concepts.
I can appreciate that it is very difficult to learn new things at this stage of your official career.  At this time mind is engaged with the thoughts of fulfilling the family needs, social obligations and of course the coming retirement life.  Therefore, credit goes to trainees that they have been able to bring themselves to the class room and apply themselves to these new concepts.
The Department of Posts is changing itself.  This office itself gives a look and aura of by gone era.  Paper and bags full of paper stacked everywhere shows that we need new tools and methods to manage our works.
These trainings are the small steps towards new direction.  Change at right time and tight place is alwas best insurance against future difficulties.  And these trainings are basically in that direction only.
Faculty members deserve all the appreciation.  Lot of labour is required in preparation of training material, selection of examples and then delivering the lectures.  In fact, for a faculty it is a constant test, constant evaluation and that too by so many trainers. The Institute , I am sure, has delivered the best.
Yes, I take the responsibility for any deficiency in arrangement, any inconveniance to any of the participants or faculty members.  For the persons who are engaged in all the arrangement, it is extra work and that too without any remuneration.  On the otherhand I myself may ask them why so much work is pending, for getting. that they were busy in arrangement.  But I know they all take in stride and always have the high hopes that we will be successful in our efforts for change."

DA(P) Cuttack