5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Minutes of Video Conference of DAPs

12-12/2014 Comp

Minutes of the meeting held on 6.7.2015 in VC Room, Dak Bhawan on CSI implementation

   Video conference was held at IInd Floor, Dak Bhawan on 6.7.2015 to discuss the issues relating to the roll-out of CSI software and to review the preparations level at PAOs in this regard.
      JS F&A chaired the meeting. JS F&A addressed all the GM(F)s and all the DA(P)s through VC. She called upon all those present about the need of the hour for all the PAOs to acquaint themselves with the BBP, various processes and received the requirements in connection with the roll out of CSI software.
   2. Director (Accounts) explained through PPT various processes involved in F&A module of CSI software. He explained all the scenarios of   F&A module and changes in various roles in CSI Software in detail through PPT as follows:
a.     Document Posting and Document reversal
b.   Procurement from Vendor
c.    Master Data and Budget Allocation Process
d.   Procurement for external Vendors
e.    Employee Claim Process
f.     Asset Master
g.    Asset acquisition
h.   Asset Retirement
i.     Asset under Construction
j.     Asset periodic Processing
k.   Asset Overview
l.     Budget Planning
m.  Budget Allocation
n.   Costing and Profitability Process flow
o.    CSI Payment Process (with all kinds of scenarios)
p.   Salary disbursement
3.  In conclusion, Director (Accounts) intimated that the Important Points due to roll out of CSI software that has to be taken care of by all the PAOs are
Ø  Familiarization with BBP
Ø  Training to staff
Ø  Managing the change
Ø   Reworking regrouping of sections
Ø  Robust IT system
Ø  Seamless/adequate fast bandwidth
Ø  IT security ( physical/system/use of pen drive/DVD Rom)
Ø  Analysis of transaction with regard to accuracy/authorisation
Ø  Internal check system
Ø  Check of changes in roll authorized individuals
Ø  Password management
Ø  Data backup
Ø  Decentralization of PAO
4. After the presentation by Director (Accounts), DDG (PAF) addressed all the PAOs. He emphasized all the PAOs to familiarize with the BBP document to understand the nuts and bolts of various processes and the roll of PAOs at ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ processes in CSI software.
 He further emphasized all the PAOs have to analyse the slide showing ‘Important Points’ in the PPT.
5.  Director (Accounts) and DA(P) Jaipur brought out that all the   PAOs must attend to the following issues for the implementation of Roll-out of CSI Software
a.    Liquidation of suspense balances. All out efforts are have to be taken to liquidate the suspense balances and Adverse balances so that minimum opening balances will be carried to the new system.
b.   All the pension records/ service books which have to be digitalized. They have to be kept updated.
c.    For GPF, only 2014-2015 data would be provided to TCS team after taking proper back-up of the same.
d.   All the broadsheets of all kinds have to be kept ready for Data Migration into the system. System access not be given.   
6. Change Management team has forwarded the Training Analysis of F&A module. DDG (PAF) has desired all the PAOs to go through the scenarios and come with further comments so that TCS team may be confirmed to work on the given guidelines. Training has to be taken seriously. Initial bottlenecks of the software can be found out only after the roll out in Pilot circles.

        With no further points, the meeting closed with thanks to chair.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

urgent message of Gen Secretary:

DOP want to decentralise the PAOs as a part of implementation of core system integration.
 The secretary posts wants the SAs/JAs to be sent to HOs as checkers.   This has to be stopped at any cost.  This is the  design of the department to introduce decentralization of the PAOs through back door method.

Understand the gravity of the situation.
Join the GENERAL BODY Meeting on 10-7-2015. Submit the resolution by holding Lunch Hour Demonstration.