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Monday, November 2, 2015

Notification of vacancies in Jr. Acctt. Cadre under DR quota to the Postal Directorate.

      The Director of Accounts(Postal)

Sub :           Notification of vacancies in Jr. Acctt. Cadre under DR quota to the Postal Directorate.


        This is regarding notification of vacancies in Jr. Acctt. Cadre of this office. It is learnt that the Postal Directorate in its letter dated 23.10.2015 and 26.10.2015 has asked for intimation of vacancies in JA cadre for placing requisition to the SSC. It is also learnt that our office has simply intimated  the vacancy position for CGLE-2014 (18 vacancies) and simultaneously informing the Directorate that the same position also hold good for CGLE-2015 although during the period a number of vacancies have since been occurred.

            A detailed calculation of vacancies  in SA cadre upto 1st January-2015 of this office is furnished below for kind perusal.

Vacancies  as on 01.01.2015                            :     54
60% of the vacancies diverted to DR JA          :    33
(as per PA Wing letter dt.09.01.2013)
Existing staff strength in JA cadre deducted    :    09
         Balance to be notified                              :    24
Unfilled back log vacancies in JA cadre added:    02
Total vacancies to be placed for requisition    :    26
Vacancies already intimated for CGLE-2014        :   18                                                                               ---------------------------
Left out Vacancies to be intimated for CGLE-15         :       08

           From our above calculation, it appears that 8 vacancies should have been intimated to the Directorate for CGLE-2015 in addition to the 18 vacancies intimated for CGLE-2014.
In view of this, it is requested that the matter may be reviewed and the correct position be intimated to the Directorate afresh.                                                                                             Yours faithfully,

Cuttack-4                                                                    (K. K. Panda)
 02.11.2015                                                             Circle Secretary

Copy to:-
1.      T. Satyanarayan, Gen Secretary,AIPAEA (CHQ) for kind information & N/A  .

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