5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Bare Truth: Adhoc AAOs

An AAO is in the middle rung of our office. He is not senior enough to be followed implicitly.  He has to maintain order and progress. Yet he can be unseated or his tenure may not extended( in case of Adhoc) .  He has to toady to his seniors and very fearful to his subordinates.  He faces challenges from above and below.  They are getting hit from both sides, He has been sandwiched between Boss's expectation and subordinates' negation.  Poor AAOs' rich experiences,
If tenure of Adhoc AAOs  extended in time a lot of working could have saved. An Adhoc AAO when reverted, he does nor work as  an SA  because of his inferiority feelings.
Hats off to AAOs for their patience! 

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