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Sunday, August 17, 2014


satyanarayana tandra

Aug 16 (1 day ago)
to Rudranime
The stand of the Association is very clear that all the senior Senior Accountants should get the step up with that of their juniors who got higher pay on account of ACP. Court also expressed its opinion on the CP filed by us. We will tackle all the issues. It may take time. Your observation that " I should have ...." express your concern and anxiety on the manner of implementation. You will be wondering to know in some PAOs the date of implementation is taken as 2011 only. Some PAOs not at all started the process. As a result of strenuous interventions by CHQ now all the PAOs started the process. All the irritants will be sorted out. I am awaiting the reply to my representation from the Department of Posts. Let them first start the implementation and if they fail to make proper interpretation and omit the eligible persons, CHQ will follow it up and see that all will get the benefit.


On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 4:21 PM, Rudrani Prasad Mohapatra <> wrote:
Dear Comrade, Namaskar.
I request you kindly to refer my earlier mail on 03.07.2014 & your return mail.  Before I forget I must render my sincere thanks for prompt reply. I am repeating my points.  In  para 3 of the judgement, it has been mentioned that AIPAEA putforth before the court that whether a direct recruit JA or promotee, all are being placed in a single gradation list.  Then my question is if stepping up case of seniors against direct recruit JA only is taken up by various sunits, then what was the use of the AIPAEA praying before the court as far as gradation list of promotees is concerned.  By arguing with our officer by virtue of para 3 of the judgement, we were in the verge of getting the benefits.  But due to some back biting of some seniors & officers, our office conta;cted your unit i.e. Hyderabad.  The officers at Hyderabad said, they are considering the cases agaist direct recruit JA only.  My opinion is being the Secy. Genl. of the association you should have impress upon your officers at Hydeabad to consider the cases of seniors against the promotee JAs.  Yesterday ouor office has intimated the Dte. regarding finalisation of 19 cases & for the rest, clarification has been sought for from the Dte.
Awaiting a reply as in previous case:
Comradely yours,
Rudrani Prasad Mohapatra.
Asst. Circle Secy.

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