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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Prime Minister connects the lowest rung of central government employees

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest attempt to directly connect with all the lower division clerks, assistants and section officers in the Union ministries and constables in Delhi Police and Central paramilitary forces has taken them by surprise. These officers play a crucial role as they form the lowest organisational unit in any ministry or government department which moves files while constable level personnel are at the frontlines of maintaining law and order. Since corruption is rampant at this level, there is also apprehension that their activities may be monitored personally by the PMO, which is keeping a keen eye on all government activity.

According to sources, babus in Central ministries received a communication from the PMO last week seeking their personal details. An official who has spent almost 30 years in a government department said it was for the first time the PMO sought the numbers and email IDs of assistants and clerks, entrusted with the most important job of noting and drafting the cases, brief for ministers, schemes and programmes of the government.


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