5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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Monday, April 22, 2013


Comrades, campaign extensively to make the demonstrations on 29-04-2013 demanding the constitution of  7th Central Pay Commission and withdrawal of bill on New Pension. The below given material can be used to print the hand bill to distribute among our members. It can also be translated into the local language.
Dear Comrades,
As you are aware, the Government of India replied to a question raised in the Parliament has stated that setting up of 7th Central Pay Commission for effecting wage revision of Central Government Employees is not presently under its consideration. In the past when we demanded the appointment of 6th CPC in the year 2005, a similar statement was made by the then Finance Minister. But the joint movement of Central Government Employees for which we created the platform of Steering Committee of the JCM under the leadership of late Com. J.P. Chaubey, the then General Secretary of All India Railwaymen Federation could achieve the demand and the 6th CPC was announced.
The real value of wage determined by the 6th CPC has now been eroded to the extent of above 100% due to unprecedented inflation in the economy and spiraling rise in the prices of essential commodities. While the Government permits wage negotiations and revision in the fully owned Public Sector Undertakings every 5 years, the denial to revise the wages of Central Government Employees despite such large scale erosion in the real value of wages is absolutely unjustified. Besides the above stated reasons the large scale anomalies created by the 6th CPC pay structure also justifies our demand for the immediate constitution of 7th CPC.
The Government had been persisting with enactment of the PFRDA Bill in the Parliament in almost all sessions ever since the UPA-II Government took over. Ironically they could elicit support from the main Opposition Party in the country for this ill advised enactment. Lakhs of new workers who have joined in various Organisations of the Government since 2004 are worried of their future, which is forlorn and bleak, in the wake of the denial of an age old social security scheme of Pension. We have been together opposing this move right from the day the NDA Government introduced the bill in the Parliament in 2003. However our efforts, actions and objections have all been ignored with disdain by the Government. Though they could not muster enough support required to pass the bill in the Parliament, the Union Cabinet has recently taken the decision to allow 49% FDI in the Pension Fund.
In the prevailing situation, it is very much required to channelize our efforts through a wider platform of Unity.  After the successful one day nationwide strike on 12-12-12 by the Confederation of Central Government Employees and 48 hours strike in the month of February 2013 by the entirety of Indian working class, the momentum for such a united action to achieve the 7th CPC and protect the Right to Pension picked up fast. Confederation of Central Government Employees, All India Railwaymen Federation and All India Defence Employees Federation came together and initiated such united and joint action by giving a call to hold nationwide demonstrations on 29-04-2013 and issue telegrams to the Honourable Prime Minister of India urging to settle our demands. Join this protest in a big way. Register the strong resentment over the injustice.  Express collective intent to achieve the genuine and justified demands. Show the united determination to ward off the assault on our hard earned Rights, including the Right to Pension

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