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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Interpretation of Rules regarding implementation of MACP Scheme.& Ad-hoc appointment of AAOs in PAO, Cuttack.


The Director of Accounts (postal),

Mahanadi Vihar,

Cuttack : 753 004

Sub:      Interpretation of Rules regarding implementation of MACP Scheme.

Ref:      Your letter No. Admin-I/C-7/Vol.IX/Tr. 917, dated 28th Mar’2013.


            With reference to your letter cited above, it is submitted that the Para-11 of the Annexure-I of MACP Order dated 18th Sep’ 2009 clearly shows that the ‘Regular Service’  shall include all the periods spent on deputation/Foreign Service/Study Leave and all other kinds of leave duly sanctioned by the competent authority.  But nowhere it is mentioned that the strike period will be excluded from the purview of the MACP Scheme.  Moreover, your attention is drawn towards para-9 of the same annexure as stated above wherein it clearly stated that continuous regular service without any break is to be counted towards qualifying regular service for the purpose of MACP Scheme.  Participation in strike, as it is a settled decision, is no longer counted as ‘break in service’.  Hence the strike period under any circumstances should not be excluded as period of continuous service for the purpose of MACP Scheme.

            It is also brought to your kind notice that  our department of posts and also the DOPT, from the date of declaration of MACP to till date, have issued salient features, series of doubts and its clarifications and also guidelines how to implement MACP Scheme. But nowhere the very word “strike” and its impact on MACP has been mentioned with sole intention  to avoid un-necessary litigation and more than that to give justice  to those deprived sections who are languishing  without promotion in their service career.

            It may not be out of place to put it here that while implementing MACP in our office from the very beginning, neither the Sub-Committee (MACP Cell), nor the Screening Committee nor even your predecessor has applied such an extra negative clause for considering MACP especially when rules are very clear.  If you insist to follow a different path, definitely it is an administrative apathy towards it own people and this Service Association will never let it happen.

            In view of the above, you are once again requested to reconsider to include the strike period   as continuous service for the purpose of MACP to all those affected officials for whom MACP is a consolation in lieu of regular promotion.  Hope you will consider it favorably.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,


The 10th  April’2013

( Bibhudutta Senapaty)

Circle Secretary,

AIPAEA, Cuttack.


The Director of Accounts (postal)

Mahanadi Vihar,

Cuttack: 753004

Sub:      Ad-hoc appointment of AAOs in PAO, Cuttack.


            It is learnt that while considering some Union items of the Circle Administrative Unit, Chief Postmaster General of our Odisha Circle  impress upon you hard to consider its demand for ad-hoc appointment in AAOs Cadre from JAO Part-I (now AAO) passed panel.  Such a move by the CPMG (O), as you know it very well, is quite contrary to the guidelines envisaged vide Dte letter No.301 (16)/2010/PA Admin-III/1053-1083, dated 02 July’2010 (Copy enclosed) and Para -1 of the said letter says that Senior Accountants with six years of regular service may be considered against existing vacancies under 10% quota on the basis of seniority irrespective of category to which one belongs to.

            While framing such guidelines for purely for local officiating arrangements in AAOs Cadre within PAO as well as in DOT, the sole consideration was for smooth functioning of the PAOs & DOT with minimum expenditure and also to avoid further unnecessary litigations.  Moreover, local officiating arrangements within own establishment that too Senior Accountants with  six years working experience will prove better than any  JAO Part-I passed candidates.

            It is also submitted that such temporary majors, as DOPT keeps on educating, are neither in the interest of the Organization nor in the interest of the Officials. Only at the time of exigencies such mechanisms are resorted to for which guidelines are also there. It may not be out of place to mention that in recent past JAO Part-II examination was conducted and result is expected anytime.  At this juncture if under the pressure of Union Items, efforts are made to unsettle the settled  issues, it would have negative impact on functioning of DAP and its working atmosphere.

            It is, therefore, requested that as an Advisor to the Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar you may advise him not to open such controversial issues for smooth functioning of the Department.

            Thanking you.

                                                                     Yours faithfully,

(Bibhudutta  Senapaty)

Circle Secretary,

Cuttack,                                                                            AIPAEA, Cuttack

The     10th April’2013.


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