5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016



This General Body meeting of the All India Postal Accounts Employees Association, Odisha  Circle, Cuttack held on 08-03-16 strongly condemns the victimization of the Circle Secretary, AIPAEA, Cuttack, for his legitimate trade union activities. The punitive action of the DA (P) Cuttack is nothing but his personal vendetta being meted out on the prejudiced and unfounded belief that the Association is responsible for the anonymous complaints alleging several financial irregularities against him.

Holding bimonthly meetings and informal meetings with the Staff Side is a taboo in his regime. Even after intervention from the Directorate, till date bimonthly meetings with the DA(P) are not restored. The only channel of communication left out for the Association is addressing letters on the issues of Staff. For utilizing this lone channel of communication the Circle Secretary of Cuttack PAO has been victimized by awarding a punishment of withholding next increment for a period of three years without cumulative effect.

The charges are:

·      Circle Secretary addressed a letter to DA (P) bypassing his own channel of communication.
·      Addressing a letter to the DA(P) Cuttack in the capacity of Circle Secretary; starting the letter by saying “ I am directed to address you on the following issues” while actually concealing the authority by whom he was so directed, said Sri. Panda has tried to bring outside influence over the DA(P), Cuttack in violation of provisions in Rule 20 of CCS(Conduct) Rules, 1964.” ;
·      Marking a copy of that letter to the General Secretary (CHQ) AIPAEA;
·      Placing the Association letter on the notice board (office, Recreation Club, Association and individuals using that board for about half-a-decade);
·      The style of language used therein;
This General Body is shocked to comprehend that the personal vendetta of an authority can also be stretched to   such an extent to punish the Staff Side representative for discharging his duties. It is aghast to realize that the provisions of CCS (Conduct) Rules can also be interpreted to fit any frivolous subjective imagination to ruin the career, humiliate and harass the employees/Staff Side representatives. This General Body firmly believes that the root cause for the  enrage of the DA (P) on the Staff Side is his fit of imagination that the Staff Association is responsible for the anonymous complaint against the DA (P). This General body strongly condemns the use of authority arbitrarily to wreck personal revenge. 

This General Body sincerely believes that the employees of Cuttack PAO are not safe any more under the control of such unbridled enraged Director who has spent long tenure in the same Circle. This General Body fervently appeals:

·      To take all necessary action to contain the DA (P), Cuttack and save the  
       employees from his fury.
·      To inquire into victimization of the Circle Secretary, AIPAEA, Cuttack.
·      To undo the punishment given to the Circle Secretary, AIPAEA, Cuttack.
·      To immediately cause proper investigation and proper enquiry against  
       all the financial irregularities of the DA (P), Cuttack.  

1. Ms. Kavery Benerjee,
    Secretary (Posts) & Chairman PS Board,
    Department of Posts,
    Dak Bhavan,
    New Delhi-110 001.

2. Ms. Annie Moraes,
    Member Finance,
    Department of Tele Communications,
    Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi-110 001

3. Shri. Rajnish Kumar,
    Dy. Director General (PAF),
    Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001

4.  Sri Tilak De
     Chief Postmaster General
     Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar

5.  Secretary General,
     NFPE, North Avenue Post Office Building,
     North Avenue, New Delhi – 110 001

6.  General Secretary, AIPAEA(CHQ), New Delhi.


  1. I strongly object your allegations . i openly say that my Director is an administrator at par. Hence please refrain from such activities.

  2. I personally do not believe is such allegations. A childish act. A secretary is secretary. and he should maintain the glamour of the office


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