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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cuttack Unit requests to its own clan to support this clause that who are retiring during January to June  they should be allowed one increment  for retirement benefits.
The General Secretary
All India Postal Accounts Employees’ Association
New Delhi-110018.
Sub:- Demand for one increment for those retired employees who are   retiring between January to June during a calendar year.
During last June, 2012 one of my senior comrades, Com Benudhar Pradhan superannuated from service and while sharing some intimate movements of parting with him, he expressed his deep feelings of being denied one increment before retirement, i.e. 30.06.2012 though he has put 12 months qualifying service after getting increment during 7/2011.  While comrade Benudhar Pradhan was exasperating his deep anguish, wounded thoughts silently before me and being an active member of Circle Unit as well as a tail ender of CHQ Office bearer, I expressed my helplessness to his genuine claim. But in my heart of the hearts an idea was inundated in my mind that eventuated to write this tale to you.  This is not only a tale of one comrade. This is an untold and unending tale of thousands of comrades who are retiring between January to June each year.  This point, I wish to raise in the Conference, i.e. going to be hosted by your home circle.  We, the entire Cuttack Unit is in favour of taking the issue to the conference and wish as the torch bearer of AIPAEA, you should impress upon other units to support and adopt this issue towards its finality.
Let me allow to ponder over the issue of month of retirement, which is still pending, for those whose date of birth is 1st day of the month, they are being allowed to superannuate preceding the month of birth and this demand, if am not wrong still alive with the Government. Now this new agenda, to allow one increment for those who have completed six months of qualifying service at the time of retirement may be added to put forth before the Government for consideration and acceptance.
Cuttack Unit unlike your other units stands for its distinction for many reasons.  We have raised SCF quota in AAO cadre, now it is a reality. We have demanded 40% in AAO/JAO cadre, now it is going to be 20%..  We have, in spite of strong resistance from CHQ, opined for direct recruitment in AAO cadre which has been accepted by all.  Cuttack Unit from the outset has maintained that JA & SA should be equated with grade pay of Rs.4200 and I am sure, though CHQ with support of other accounts units’ fraternity has demanded JA & SA as two separate cadres.  Cuttack unit is proposing just opposite and I do hope the same will be clinched/achieved in near future.. Now time has come to adopt this resolution of ours – one increment for those who are retiring in Jan-June each year at least completed six months qualifying service. And I am very much hopeful to reap this demand very soon.

Thanking you.
Comradely yours

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