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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

implementation of court order: Stepping up of pay of All SAs

The face- off was started innocuously when the committee put its own interpretations while implementing court  order. Both sides  were trying to get the better of the other citing legalities.  Both the parties were agreed to a point that the court order would be implemented without any distortion. And payment of arrears will be made within 10 working days. A new committee was formed with Shri Arjun CharanSahu Senior AO its head.  

Pertinently, since promulgation of order has been made after several hearings the further scrutiny/ examination/analysis amounts perjury to court order. As such, no  preconditions / clauses whatsoever are to be tagged on court order.
The court order is as crystal clear. The finer point of the judgement is that SAs are to be given stepping up of pay only and not the scale of pay.  Since the scale of pay is not being considered  for stepping of pay the clauses  for stepping up of pay  due to ACP in no case is applicable.

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