5th Death Anniversary of Premraj Choudhary [RAJA BHAI] , Ex-President and Secretary On 3rd April 2013.

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None of us, is as strong as ALL of us.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A true Administrator

An Administrator before administrating office should  read  between  the lines of  the mind of his employees who work under him. He becomes an apple of their’s eye when he  values the language of that region, learns  the way of polite talking,  respects the cultural sentiments and the banner under which they are united.  That is why, there is a saying in odiya language ‘ Je desh jai, se phala khai’. The rough translation of this adage goes like this, “In Rome, Pay the Roman Coin”

History is a mute witness of the valor of odiya people.  This odiya people have converted the Devil Ashok to Pious Ashok.(Chandashok to Dharmashok).


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