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Friday, November 9, 2012



            The Confederation of All India Central Government Employees’ Association and the entire Working Class of this Country have given a call to go on strike on 12-12-12 to express their anguish against this Government and its anti-democratic, anit-aam-admi and anti-employee policies that have compelled us to use our last Resort.  In the land of Gandhi Mahatma, as we all know, the idea of Satyagraha or Dharmghat(strike) or non-cooperation is not new and at this juncture definitely there are strong and convincing reasons behind this.  The question that comes up why we all are on this war path that has already been enunciated as well as explained vividly by my esteemed  comrade leaders of this employees’ Movement and I am sure that these 15 point charter of demands are only a few among many injustices done to the  aam-admi and the working class.  But the actual loss/damage being done to this countrymen will be much more, may be thousand times more than that of 2-G Scam. Let me put it here that under the dwindling leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh, the entire country know it, scams are more but skulls are less, may be zeroed on one or two, scandals are in hundreds but scoundrels are handful and we can over power them if we stand together and muster our strength behind our able leaders. Regarding 15 point charter of demands these are straightway 15 hurdles against government policies being adopted and perused under  immense pressure of International ‘Akkas’ of Dr. Manmohan Singh about it many things have already been written or narrated. In future also I may venture to tint something on it but I would like to underline right now that you all are well educated , better informed, more or less acquainted with motives of this government and policies formulated to appease the International business community at the cost of its own country, own people and even our freedom. May I impress upon you all to think deeply about the reasons behind such motives of the most ever corrupted government after Independence and you can read between the lines of such self detrimental policies being adopted an adored with animal instinct. Such suicidal policies and hard decisions with hast speed to safeguard whose interests?? ?

            Comrades, be aware and raise your collective voice against such lick political dastards who fail to see beyond their nose and boot them out immediately to save the country, to save the democracy and to save the working class  from their greedy fangs.
The Federation has given a call for strike on 12-12-2012, at the right time and we all are on the right path. I am quite sure that such ‘Vasmasura’ policies followed by the government will end up themselves being engulfed by their own misdeeds, faster the usurp, lesser the days are left for them.  When the voice of this voice-less people of this country joins together, history is a witness to this, the mightiest one on the earth will bite the dust and I am hopeful that the history is going to repeat itself very soon and the day 12-12-2012 is only beginning of the end of this baseless, faceless and hopeless government.

            Working Class Zindabad, Employees’ Unit Zindabad.


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